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Wow, today finally get to try Claireto’s food le xD

It is also my favourite food, Okonomiyaki :p


Hehe, as expected, it taste great!! xD

How I wish I can eat everyday LOL


*P.S. Paiseh no choice but to steal your(Claireto) picture cause it is too nice until I finish all of it before taking pictures of it… Haha..




Haiz! I didn’t wanted to go to Taiwan in the first place de…. I wanted to go to the country above Taiwan, which is JAPAN!

Welcome to Taiwan…

Most of my close friends will know about Clarice and how much I loved her, but until recently then I realized maybe it was the right choice to leave her. After seeing how she treat me, I feel maybe it was all not worthwhile. I should instead find another girl which really deserve it better than her.

Frankly speaking, when I was with her, she gave me a very insecure feeling which most guy doesn’t like that in a relationship. Even she knew it, she didn’t take much actions on it, and also hurt me with her words and actions. So that is why I think it is the right choice in “breaking” up with her even though I didn’t know if she ever treat this as a relationship or just playing around me.

P.S. Thanks Claireto! for being there to let paps nag at you about rice (I know it is hard for you but you didn’t complain at all :)) and thanks for talking sense into me. Hehe

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The damn cute Locoroco finally released the first sequel game le!!!!


Locoroco is best known for its cutest and simple but interesting gameplay. Because it is so simple to play (mostly it is just by controling the R and L buttons) , it attract a lot of the female gamers to play.


Locoroco 2 have 25 levels in all which is short, considering the first game has more levels than the sequel. The main story for Locoroco is very simple, the planet that the Locoroco lives is being attacked by the evil Moja. And your goal is to restore world peace back again.

Nintendo recently just announced the new DSi. It is a more advanced and improved version of DSL.

It has music playback this time round, a 3 mega-pixels camera, larger screen, smaller in size and there is now a memory card slot. The only bad point is that it has removed the GBA slot and the battery hours has reduced from 14 hours to about 9 hours!

Nintendo has announced that it will be 12% thinner than DS Lite and two camera, the screen size will now be 3.25 inches as compare to DS Lite which is 3 inches only. I think the most attracting features is the new internal memory and the built-in browser. Meaning it is possible to download games through DSWare shop and store it inside the DSI.

As for the camera, the pictures can be edited using special software!

I personally feel that Nintendo launch this new DS is to compete with Sony newest model, PSP 3000. They even planned to release their handheld console on the same month!!

Recently just announced this new PSP 3000 model and it will be releasing in Oct 14. I didn’t understand why Sony want to come up with a new PSP by just adding afew extra feature to it, why bother doing that.. Maybe they do something to the firmware so as to prevent pirated games to be played on it ba. But I know soon after that, people will be able to hack into it and modify it eventually so it just a matter of time nia lol.

This new model come with a built in microphone which come in handy when play games like Socom. It has also improved on the LCD screen to make it playable under direct sunlight. I find this new improvement interest me a lot cause I too have experienced it before and I find it very frustrating at times, but still I don’t think that reason will make me buy this new model xD They also increased the color garmut which make the PSP screen capable of displaying a wider range colors, and quicker pixel-response times than the 2000 models. All of these for 20 minutes shorter in battery life.

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