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Most of my close friends will know about Clarice and how much I loved her, but until recently then I realized maybe it was the right choice to leave her. After seeing how she treat me, I feel maybe it was all not worthwhile. I should instead find another girl which really deserve it better than her.

Frankly speaking, when I was with her, she gave me a very insecure feeling which most guy doesn’t like that in a relationship. Even she knew it, she didn’t take much actions on it, and also hurt me with her words and actions. So that is why I think it is the right choice in “breaking” up with her even though I didn’t know if she ever treat this as a relationship or just playing around me.

P.S. Thanks Claireto! for being there to let paps nag at you about rice (I know it is hard for you but you didn’t complain at all :)) and thanks for talking sense into me. Hehe

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Rice lost her Sony Ericsson p1i handphone yesterday and by now you should know that I will confirm help her de. She call me and ask me for help, so I say I will buy for her another replacement handphone since she scare her parent will scold her if they found out that she has lost her handphone again.

Some people may said that I am stupid to help her all the times even though she has hurt me and didn’t treat me well last time, but no matter what I still love her…

We bought 2 tamagotchi for us, she suddenly have the urge to play so I play together with her lor 🙂 I want to marry with her tamagotchi when it become a adult, but how I wish it is real marry lor, I and rice wahahaha..

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This is a very sad day for me.. Never once in my life did I ever feel this sad. I also didn’t know why I did that, but I know it is for my good. Today I break up with rice liao, for all these four month I have been thinking of this cause I know we can’t last also, and at first I planned to break up with her on August 10.

Reason being is that August 10 is my birthday, you must be wondering why I wanted to do that, if I do that, does that mean I will be sad on every birthday? I wanted to do that is because I want to see if rice still remember when is my birthday and if she did planned anything for me. My friend all said she should give me a surprise like maybe ask me out and celebrate with me or buy present for me after so much I have done for her.

But I told them that I just expect to have a happy birthday sms only, I will be very happy just by receiving that. She told me she is not good with remembering dates but she can even remember her classmates birthday and even planned some surprises for them. So that is why I want to see if she got even bother to remember my birthday anot, if she did not, then I know I should break up with her liao.

But it is a waste that day never come.. Today we suddenly talk about us, she say she don’t feel like attached to me, and she say we should go find our own happiness. I feel so sad and hurt after seeing that message, I have been trying so hard all these month to become a good bf for her even though this is my first relationship and I have no experience at all. I have been doing so much for her and she can even say this to me.. Imagine the pain it caused to me.

That is why I suddenly feel that maybe I am stopping her from finding her own happiness. I feel that I shouldn’t be so selfish to have her even if I know she don’t like me at all, I should let her go and let her find someone that she really loved..

She won’t be the first one to mention breakup in a relationship as what she has said to me, so guess I will have to be the bad guy to initiated lor. Other than breaking up with her, I also say out some of my feelings from all these months. About how she hurt me, how I spend so much time on her, planning surprises for her, trying to be there for her whenever she need me, help her when she is got problems, buy things that she liked for her, try to date her out even thought most of the time she is finding excuses not to go out with me..

In the end she got mad because of this, I didn’t know why also. I was just merely expressing out my feelings only, and she kept thinking that I was out to sprite her, and still think that she hasn’t been doing anything wrong at all.

I didn’t know why but after I break off with her, I feel that I need her.. and I even want to patch back with her.. She said she won’t be with me after what I have say to her so I guess it is over for us liao..

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Today is rice birthday, I have already bought her the Levi watch that she liked for her birthday present.

I bought a black one since she mentioned it. I also gave her a surprise other than this watch, I bought 24 dark pink roses for her too.

I hope she will like it, maybe this surprise is not what she expected or want but no matter what, I already tried my best to make your birthday better after some sad news regarding your failed module and the outing with your gang is canceled..

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I think this is the first time we are dating together after almost 3 months liao.. I also didn’t know why she suddenly agreed to go out with me, since she last time keep finding excuses not to go out with me. Anyway I meet her at Sun Plaza cause she wanted to go Popular bookstore to buy her notebook first.

After buying her notebook, we head to Orchard, we took bus 167 from Sembawang bus interchange. We went to Kinokuniya and she found the book that she was looking for so long “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. I also bought her a plain pencil case for her to bling it lol.

I also took her to a place where I always buy Hello Kitty stuff for her, and she immediately saw something that she like liao haha. In the end she bought 3 Hello Kitty things, a pencil case and a pouch.

As for dinner, we went to Paris International buffet because rice keep saying she wanted to try but her friend all find it too expensive liao, so I accompany her go eat lor.

We had lots of fun, rice wanted to try the crab but she didn’t want to dirty her hand so I help her with it. She now then realized we got a lot of things in common when we both like potato wedge and must have mayonnaise on it one lol. She like to eat the mash mallows with chocolate on it but she say it is too fattening for her liao xDD She tried out some of the sushi too and I ask her to try the raw sushi but she say scared to eat. So I took one or two for her to try lor, if not nice then I help her eat lor 😛

I also give her a pink color PSP slim

Today was great! this is the first time I am so happy for all my life lor, only she can make me so happy.. I hope we can continue like this forever 🙂

I really hope…

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