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The damn cute Locoroco finally released the first sequel game le!!!!


Locoroco is best known for its cutest and simple but interesting gameplay. Because it is so simple to play (mostly it is just by controling the R and L buttons) , it attract a lot of the female gamers to play.


Locoroco 2 have 25 levels in all which is short, considering the first game has more levels than the sequel. The main story for Locoroco is very simple, the planet that the Locoroco lives is being attacked by the evil Moja. And your goal is to restore world peace back again.


Nintendo recently just announced the new DSi. It is a more advanced and improved version of DSL.

It has music playback this time round, a 3 mega-pixels camera, larger screen, smaller in size and there is now a memory card slot. The only bad point is that it has removed the GBA slot and the battery hours has reduced from 14 hours to about 9 hours!

Nintendo has announced that it will be 12% thinner than DS Lite and two camera, the screen size will now be 3.25 inches as compare to DS Lite which is 3 inches only. I think the most attracting features is the new internal memory and the built-in browser. Meaning it is possible to download games through DSWare shop and store it inside the DSI.

As for the camera, the pictures can be edited using special software!

I personally feel that Nintendo launch this new DS is to compete with Sony newest model, PSP 3000. They even planned to release their handheld console on the same month!!

Woohoo! been awhile since I last started to get into video games.. But now I am back lol. Been doing some research on games lately too and updated myself more of the newer games as well too xDD

Kingdom Heart: 385/2 days

Platform: Nintendo DS

Kingdom Heart is one of the best RPG game which combined disney characters with Final Fantasy element. In this new sequel, the story is about on Roxas from Kingdom Heart 2 (one of my favourite game).

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Platform: PSP

One of the most anticipated game that I have been waiting for! It is a fighting game featuring characters from different Final Fantasy series, and it has a unique battle system that I am craving to try it now xDD

Parasite Eve: The Third Birthday

Platform: PSP

Recently announced for the PSP, I become excited the moment I heard that the Parasite Eve series still lives on and is very curious about what the game is going to be like but until now there isn’t much details to the game yet..

Kingdom Heart: Birth by Sleep

Platform: PSP

Another Kingdom Heart series coming out on the PSP system. And rather this is a prequel to Kingdom Heart story, it tells a story of keyblade warriors even before Sora.

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Recently I feel that I am back to normal again, my interest is coming back to me once again. I thought I will be lost after I broke up with HER but now at least I got time for myself liao.

Went to Kinokuniya and found these two books which I really interested

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children -Reunion Files-

This book contains all the exclusive artworks behind the scenes of the making of the movie, Final Fantasy: Advent Children. What’s more is that it has English translation too, so I won’t have to use a Japanese dictionary to understand.

I still didn’t know much about the details since I haven’t gotten my hand on the book yet, I wanted to buy it but my daughter(Claire) said she is going to Japan soon so I ask her to buy it there as it is cheaper.

for your information: Kinokuniya is selling at SGD $60 while it is sold at 2400 yen in Japan which is about SGD $30+ dollar!! Almost half the price different sia..


The second book that I saw has a special DVD with demo of Final Fantasy XIII, and also a blu-ray version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (I think so since I am not very good at reading Japanese word yet). I heard that the blu-ray version of the movie has extra scenes which was discarded during the production stage and now they decided to add it back.

Other than these, I didn’t really know much about what the book is all about lol xD I also ask Claire to buy this for me already so I can only tell what is the contents after getting my hand on the book 😛

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