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November 24-28 2008

My First Cooking Experience

This is the first time I feel like cooking a full meal, or rather something much more complicated than what I have been cooking/helping my grandma. Finally this is the first time I can do a proper meal on my own after watching my mum/grandma cook.

Thunder tea rice ι›·θŒΆι₯­

Wonder why I would make such a weird meal? Lol that is because I ask claire and she told me she like to eat this, I found it quite a interesting dish so decided to give it a try πŸ˜›



  • 1 bowl of brown rice
  • Peanuts
  • Ikan billis
  • Tofu
  • Long beans
  • Cabbage with carrots
  • Spinach or Chye Sim


In fact it is not that hard to cook all these despite it consist of alot of different dishes. I prefer to use onions instead of ginger, maybe is because onions smell and tasted better, at least that is what I think lol. Since this should be a healthy dish, the amount of oil I used is minimised too. It didn’t take long to cook these dishes except for ikan billis and peanuts. It take quite some time to cook it and the problem is I had to keep frying it to prevent it from getting burnt, that is the most tiring process xD. And the result tell me that my effort is all worth it, my grandma and mother are even surprised that I cooked it very well, even better than them. I guess is because of the timing, I control the fire and time it very well, I didn’t want it to be either not edible or overcooked.


It was a simple yet healthy dish, I like it very much and I guess I will be cooking quite alot of times in the future and hopefully I can improved myself πŸ™‚

*P.S. Thanks Claireto! for introducing this to me. As what I have said to you, I will improved my culinery skill. One day Paps will cook for you again haha.

Egg Fried Rice θ›‹η‚’ι£―


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