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Today I accompany my daughter for a haircut at my friend house which is much cheaper than outside salon lol. It was SGD$ 15 dollar, not bad sia. And I finally got my hand on the CLOUD book, the DVD was amazing, I like the trailers of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

After sending Claire home, I suddenly wanted to go get this mp3 player right away. I didn’t want to think for too long cause I know I am going to buy it sooner or later so why not make it now?

I really didn’t regretted buying it after I have tried it, the sound quality is excellent and the ear-in earphone was great too. The video quality is good too, with bright color and look very detailed even thought the screen was small lol..

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Suddenly after seeing the new Creative Zen X-fi, I have a urge to have one of it right now! I went to see the mp3 player today at their Creative branch in Marina Square. It look great and I love the sound quality, it is simply amazing, ohmy I must really get my hand on it le..

Now for the next topic, I just saw rice blog on her recent entry about something that she is troubling with. In her blog, she said something like there is some problems with a guy. She said she waited and nothing came, I didn’t know what is it about, I thought it was because of me as recently I sms and talk to her less often as last time liao.

I thought she may start to think of me or maybe like me after all the thing that I have done for her. But thing is not as good as what I have think ba. Deep inside my heart I know that she will not like or fall in love with me so maybe it is time for me to forget about her and move on.

I know this is the only solution but somehow it is hard to do it. She is the only one that is able to affect my mood, she words meant a lot to me and I really don’t know if I am able to move on after those hurtful words she told me in the past..

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Rice lost her Sony Ericsson p1i handphone yesterday and by now you should know that I will confirm help her de. She call me and ask me for help, so I say I will buy for her another replacement handphone since she scare her parent will scold her if they found out that she has lost her handphone again.

Some people may said that I am stupid to help her all the times even though she has hurt me and didn’t treat me well last time, but no matter what I still love her…

We bought 2 tamagotchi for us, she suddenly have the urge to play so I play together with her lor 🙂 I want to marry with her tamagotchi when it become a adult, but how I wish it is real marry lor, I and rice wahahaha..

Just saw this new Zen X-fi mp3 player in rice blog, then decided to check out this new Creative mp3 player. (i was kind of a Creative fan if you all didn’t realize that lol)

Features of Zen X-fi

  • Premium quality in-ear earphones
  • Powerful built in speaker
  • Wireless capability
  • Built with X-fi technology
  • Radio
  • Msn messenger or Yahoo messenger
  • External memory card

Most of the features is quite common in Creative mp3 players liao, what I am more amazed and exciting is about the wireless capability, it is able to go online and download stuff. Imagine you don’t have to link up to your computer to transfer songs, just go online with the mp3 player, download it and put it into the library straight away! The online service can even use Msn or Yahoo messenger, quite cool and new feature in a mp3 player.

X-fi technology is another new feature to Creative mp3 player. Those people who are aware of Creative speaker should know this term, X-fi by now ba. X-fi technology is created by Creative and basically it make sounds like the bass or other instrumental sound more clearer. I have tried it and I can say that I am surprised by it, it is quite good in fact.

There is also a bundle with EP-830 earphones, this is the first time a Creative mp3 player is bundle with a better earphone than the rest. It is a in-ear earphone so you can expect to have good noise-isolation capability when listening to your music.

The another new product from Creative is the Zen Mozaic. It is basically the same as any other mp3 player by Creative or other brands product out in the market. What is so different is the design lor, I can say that it look very style and small. It has some pretty common features like 32 hours of battery life, radio, built in microphone,  watch video or storing pictures.

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Today is my 22th birthday, a lot of my friend wanted to plan surprise for me or celebration for me but somehow I don’t have the mood, feel like being alone today.. A lot has happened and the person that I want to celebrate with is HER but I know now is not possible anymore.

My friend ask me out for steamboat but I guess they will ask me to drink in the end so i told them I got something on. My parent also wanted to ask me out for dinner but I keep reject them until they are a bit not happy also.

During evening time, she suddenly message me asking if today is my birthday anot, I suspect is because she saw the NDP on TV and realized it is my birthday since I did told her twice that it is around national day. She ask me if my birthday is one day before or after national day, I told her is after lor. Then I ask her if she remembered my birthday is due to national day but she deny the fact.

She even say she didn’t know when is national day, I find it quite funny leh. I find it such a coincidence that she can ask me when is my birthday on national day and still tell me she didn’t know when is national day.. hard to believe sia, but since she say it, i just believed lor, can’t be bothered to know whether is the fact or lie.

Happy 22th birthday!!~ Fayt Descion!!

Woohoo! been awhile since I last started to get into video games.. But now I am back lol. Been doing some research on games lately too and updated myself more of the newer games as well too xDD

Kingdom Heart: 385/2 days

Platform: Nintendo DS

Kingdom Heart is one of the best RPG game which combined disney characters with Final Fantasy element. In this new sequel, the story is about on Roxas from Kingdom Heart 2 (one of my favourite game).

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Platform: PSP

One of the most anticipated game that I have been waiting for! It is a fighting game featuring characters from different Final Fantasy series, and it has a unique battle system that I am craving to try it now xDD

Parasite Eve: The Third Birthday

Platform: PSP

Recently announced for the PSP, I become excited the moment I heard that the Parasite Eve series still lives on and is very curious about what the game is going to be like but until now there isn’t much details to the game yet..

Kingdom Heart: Birth by Sleep

Platform: PSP

Another Kingdom Heart series coming out on the PSP system. And rather this is a prequel to Kingdom Heart story, it tells a story of keyblade warriors even before Sora.

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Recently I feel that I am back to normal again, my interest is coming back to me once again. I thought I will be lost after I broke up with HER but now at least I got time for myself liao.

Went to Kinokuniya and found these two books which I really interested

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children -Reunion Files-

This book contains all the exclusive artworks behind the scenes of the making of the movie, Final Fantasy: Advent Children. What’s more is that it has English translation too, so I won’t have to use a Japanese dictionary to understand.

I still didn’t know much about the details since I haven’t gotten my hand on the book yet, I wanted to buy it but my daughter(Claire) said she is going to Japan soon so I ask her to buy it there as it is cheaper.

for your information: Kinokuniya is selling at SGD $60 while it is sold at 2400 yen in Japan which is about SGD $30+ dollar!! Almost half the price different sia..


The second book that I saw has a special DVD with demo of Final Fantasy XIII, and also a blu-ray version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (I think so since I am not very good at reading Japanese word yet). I heard that the blu-ray version of the movie has extra scenes which was discarded during the production stage and now they decided to add it back.

Other than these, I didn’t really know much about what the book is all about lol xD I also ask Claire to buy this for me already so I can only tell what is the contents after getting my hand on the book 😛

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