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Recently just announced this new PSP 3000 model and it will be releasing in Oct 14. I didn’t understand why Sony want to come up with a new PSP by just adding afew extra feature to it, why bother doing that.. Maybe they do something to the firmware so as to prevent pirated games to be played on it ba. But I know soon after that, people will be able to hack into it and modify it eventually so it just a matter of time nia lol.

This new model come with a built in microphone which come in handy when play games like Socom. It has also improved on the LCD screen to make it playable under direct sunlight. I find this new improvement interest me a lot cause I too have experienced it before and I find it very frustrating at times, but still I don’t think that reason will make me buy this new model xD They also increased the color garmut which make the PSP screen capable of displaying a wider range colors, and quicker pixel-response times than the 2000 models. All of these for 20 minutes shorter in battery life.

Today I accompany my daughter for a haircut at my friend house which is much cheaper than outside salon lol. It was SGD$ 15 dollar, not bad sia. And I finally got my hand on the CLOUD book, the DVD was amazing, I like the trailers of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

After sending Claire home, I suddenly wanted to go get this mp3 player right away. I didn’t want to think for too long cause I know I am going to buy it sooner or later so why not make it now?

I really didn’t regretted buying it after I have tried it, the sound quality is excellent and the ear-in earphone was great too. The video quality is good too, with bright color and look very detailed even thought the screen was small lol..

Just saw this new Zen X-fi mp3 player in rice blog, then decided to check out this new Creative mp3 player. (i was kind of a Creative fan if you all didn’t realize that lol)

Features of Zen X-fi

  • Premium quality in-ear earphones
  • Powerful built in speaker
  • Wireless capability
  • Built with X-fi technology
  • Radio
  • Msn messenger or Yahoo messenger
  • External memory card

Most of the features is quite common in Creative mp3 players liao, what I am more amazed and exciting is about the wireless capability, it is able to go online and download stuff. Imagine you don’t have to link up to your computer to transfer songs, just go online with the mp3 player, download it and put it into the library straight away! The online service can even use Msn or Yahoo messenger, quite cool and new feature in a mp3 player.

X-fi technology is another new feature to Creative mp3 player. Those people who are aware of Creative speaker should know this term, X-fi by now ba. X-fi technology is created by Creative and basically it make sounds like the bass or other instrumental sound more clearer. I have tried it and I can say that I am surprised by it, it is quite good in fact.

There is also a bundle with EP-830 earphones, this is the first time a Creative mp3 player is bundle with a better earphone than the rest. It is a in-ear earphone so you can expect to have good noise-isolation capability when listening to your music.

The another new product from Creative is the Zen Mozaic. It is basically the same as any other mp3 player by Creative or other brands product out in the market. What is so different is the design lor, I can say that it look very style and small. It has some pretty common features like 32 hours of battery life, radio, built in microphone,  watch video or storing pictures.

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